All canoes are spacious, so luggage and camping gear can easily fit. 

In addition, all canoes are beginner friendly. They are very stable and  easy to steer.


Each rental includes basic equipment.

This consists of:

-Water tight, floating container

-Life wests


Before we let you out on the water, we can give you a short introduction on how to use the canoes and also give you some helpful tips and tricks.


Halfday trip

You can do a loveley trip on our village lake, " Acksjön". The lake offers the perfect opportunity to spend a few hours on the water. There is also a barbecue area in the nearby forest and one at the boat dock. The lake is beautifully nestled between hills and forests and the wildlife is very diverse. If you take a little time, you can discover a lot here. For example, you can marvel at the work of the Acksjön beaver, or watch the cranes that breed each year and roam the fields with their young.

Please watch in silence and on a distance not to disturb any of the wildlife!

You can pick up the canoe from us and you will get a  small vagon to pull the canoe with you. The lake is about 500 meters away.

Day trip

There are many different beautiful lakes right in our area that offer something for everyone. We are happy to give you tips on routes.

The following list shows only some of the possibilities.

There is, for example,  Molkomssjön with a nice child friendly beach and short distances to the village and shops.

Or the two sister lakes Västra Örten and Östra Örten, which are known for its good fishing areas. The Västra Örten has on its north side a fantastic beach and barbecue area.

If you are looking for peace and seclusion, you will find it on the clear water of Alstern.

Several days Trip

We are also happy to advise you on tours lasting several days. There are several beautiful routes in our area depending on how many days you want to travel. You are welcome to contact us and we can give you some route suggestions. You can also decide for yourself and go on an adventure tour. We are always happy to hear about new ideas and experiences. 

The river "Klarälven", which winds its way from north to south, is a good choice and suitable for multi-day tours. There are also very good options to first start on a lake and then from there continue into the river. This will give you a varied and exited tour.

"Allemansrätt"- All mans right

Sweden has an unik "All mans right" Wich give you the right to travel and to spend time anywhere in nature.  There are opportunities for camping around all lakes and in the forests.      At most lakes there are also barbecue areas.

 We would like to point out that the person who uses this right should exercise it with respect for all wildlife the people that live in the area. As eco tourism providers, we are very careful that no garbage or other remains are left. 

Leave an area in the same or better condition than you found it.

You are not allowed to:

- Make a fire in the forest or fields.
- Camp more than 1 night on the same place.

- Cut down trees or in any way hurt trees by braking branches off.

You are allowed to:

- Go by canoe on lakes and rivers.
- Pick wild berries and mushrooms on land that is not planted or private property.

- Make a fire in approved fire pits on campgrounds.