Canoe and stand-up paddleboard rental in Molkom- Värmland, Sweden!

We are a renting out canoes and Standuppaddleboards in Molkom 30 km north of Karlstad in Värmland. The landscape with lakes and rivers is beautiful. The perfect place for some relaxation in the nature.

Holidays in harmony with nature

Sustainability is very important to us and it is the cornerstone for 

our idea with NaturNara canoe rental. 

Experience nature in Sweden and enjoy its beauty without disturbing or leaving imprints.

The region Värmland, and the area around Karlstad offers many opportunities to get to know the nature and the Swedish culture. We live 30 km north of Karlstad (250 km north from Gothenburg) in the small idyllic village "Acksjön". A typical Swedish village with red wooden houses, lots of forest, nature and a lake. The landscape offers plenty of space and tranquility for the whole family. Whether you enjoy boat tours, forest walks or just lying on the beach, there is something for everyone here.